About Twin Boros

Photo of Joyful graduating young adults

The Twin Boros Scholarship Foundation provides college scholarships for students living in Bound Brook and South Bound Brook, New Jersey.  Since its founding in 1980, this nonprofit 501(C)3 organization, has helped more than 100 deserving students continue their education at schools including New York University, Rutgers, Seton Hall and Raritan Valley Community College to name a few.

The Twin Boros Scholarship Fund started over 25 years ago with the vision of one man from Bound Brook. Mr. Hugo Kladivko. His idea was that if everyone in the “twin boros” of Bound Brook and South Bound Brook could save a “penny a day” there would be enough money to send local kids to college.

In some local businesses you may find a Twin Boros’ piggy bank strategically located by the cash register to collect those pesky pennies. Over the past 25 years, through these piggy banks and other generous donations, the foundation has amassed over $250,000 for scholarships.