25 Year Anniversary

On behalf of the Twin Boros Scholarship Foundation, I’d like to welcome everyone here tonight to the Wine Room. We are here tonight to mark two very special occasions – First, we are here to recognize the 25th anniversary of the Twin Boros Scholarship Foundation: An organization that over the years has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to dozens of area students for use in the pursuit of higher education. The second reason we are here tonight is to honor two very special individuals who have played an integral role in the success of the program since its inception: Jean Finlayson and Sue Daniel.

Let me begin by first retracing some of the history of this great organization. The Twin Boros Scholarship Foundation was started in 1985 by a then 89 year old gentleman by the name of Hugo Kladiviko – a Bound Brook native. His vision was as genius as it was simple: if everyone in the Twin Boro’s of Bound Brook and South Bound Brook could donate 1 penny per day, there would be enough money to award scholarships each year to deserving local youth. The “penny a day” concept resonated with the merchants, townspeople and educators in the Twin Boros. Soon there would be piggy banks located in many of the downtown stores and the idea caught on. When Hugo died in 1989, he left the first of several significant monetary bequests to the foundation.

In 1995, a significant bequest of the Gallagher Family, provided enough capital to the foundation to begin awarding multiple scholarships per year. Ralph Gallagher was a veteran of World War II, and became the Superintendant of Schools for Bound Brook until his retirement in 1964. Nancy Gallagher was a teacher and active community volunteer in numerous organizations including the Rolling Hills Girl Scout Council and the Women’s Literary Club.

Helene Carter, the daughter of Hugo Kladivko served on the board of the Twin Boros Scholarship Foundation for many years following the death of her father. She tirelessly contributed her time to the organization to help it become what it is today. When she passed away 7 years ago at the age of 82, she also left behind a substantial sum to the organization.

Over the years there have been many more contributors to the success of the organization, many of them here with us tonight such as (Mike Schuyler, Carlos and Mary Fuentes, …) , some of them unable to make it, some of them here with us only in spirit. Bill Woldin was an avid supporter of the Foundation. Given his high energy and enthusiasm, its no wonder that Hugo sought him out to help make the vision a reality in the early days. I had the honor of serving on the board with Bill until his untimely passing 6 years ago. I recall how happy he was when our donations from former award recipients began coming in – when the money began to “recycle itself.” How happy he’d be to know today that some of our most loyal donors are former recipients and that one of our former recipients, Stefanie Cox is now one of our board members.

Which brings me to the most significant part of this event – the time in which we recognize the contributions of two other board members, two great community leaders and professional educators: Jean Finlayson and Sue Daniel. Together, they have been the longest serving board members on the Twin Boros’ Board, tracing their tenure all the way back to the early days with Hugo, Bill Woldin and Mike Schuyler. They have set an extraordinary example as selfless community servants, whether it was preparing for the Evergreen event, helping to run the house and garden tour, or serving as co-chairs of the Foundation for the past several years, Sue and Jean have always been there for the Twin Boros’ community. As a board, we were hard-pressed to think of what could be an fitting award to recognize their many years of service – it seemed that a plaque, a clock, or a pen could never do justice and would not be appropriate. You see, Jean and Sue have never sought accolades or recognition, I think just knowing in their hearts that they’ve done well by their fellow citizen is the most meaningful satisfaction they’ve ever desired. In fact, almost comically they both offered to pay their price of admission for this evening’s event. They are the heart and soul of our organization and the crown jewels of this wonderful community. So therefore, I am humbled, and honored to be able announce that this year’s scholarship awards will be given in their honor: the Jean Finlayson and Sue Daniel Scholarship Award.

– Twin Boros Scholarship Foundation