Giving Levels

The growth of the Endowment Fund is the result of the support of individuals, groups, and organizations in the two towns of Bound Brook and South Bound Brook. Many became sustaining members through an annual contribution of $100.00.

The perpetual membership category of $1000 was established at the program’s inception. Over the years this category has grown through bequests from the estates of Hugo Kladivko, Natalie Gallagher, and Helene Kladivko Carter, as well as generous contributions in memory of loved ones and citizens who had devoted their lives in service to their community.

In the fall of 2000, the Foundation established four levels of giving:

  • Piggy Bank Club Member – up to $99.99, annual
  • Sustaining Member – $100 – $364.99, annual
  • Kladivko Society Member – $365 – $999.99, annual
  • Perpetual Member – $1000 and up, one time

Please e-mail us for more information about becoming a perpetual member.